Jenna's Story

Photo of Jenna

I was born and raised in Toronto, live with my Mom and Gary and have lived in the same house for over 20 years. I’m 22 years old and an only child. I sometimes wished that I had a sister to spend time with and do things with. Like many people, I wish for a lot of different things. For example, I wish that I had a boyfriend, I’d like to travel and I’d really like to move into the basement apartment of Mom and Gary’s house.

I think it is very important for adults with disabilities and their own parents to think about their future and not to be afraid of moving out of their house-it’s a natural step when people grow up. I heard about LIGHTS and contacted them on my own. Later I told my Mom about it and she was surprised to hear that I wanted to one day, move out. Mom and Gary are supportive and want to help me achieve my dream. I want other people to learn about what is involved with LIGHTS and what it really means for us to move out of our parent’s house someday. That way we can teach our parents how smart we can be and how we can be successful doing things independently and get support when we need it.

I called LIGHTS because I need help to plan and find a room mate. I think my first step is going to be to live in the basement apartment of our house and I still need to find a room mate that I get along with who would like to do things together.

I would recommend that you contact LIGHTS for support if you are thinking about your future or your family member’s future because it’s never too early to start thinking about the future.